#8 GSoC’18 – Removing CPLEX dependency

This week’s work focused on removing cplex dependency. SBSCL’s current version depends on IBM ILog CPLEX library to solve constraint-based models. These models are represented using a linear equation along with a few constraints.

There is an alternative open source solver SCPsolver which can solve the same problem. In fact, it can work with multiple linear programming libraries, namely, LPSolve, IBM cplex and GlpkSolver. Therefore, this week was mainly working on COBRASolver.java file to replace all the routines that call IBM cplex with SCPsolver.

A known issue for SCPsolver is that it doesn’t work with 64-bit Linux machine as seen here and here.

A simple test file was added to check the implementation of SCPsolver inside org/simulator/fba folder. CobraSolverTest is used to run ecoli_core.xml model while BiGGTest can download and run all the constraint-based models available in the databased here.

Let me know if any questions.

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