#4 GSoC’18 – Repeated tasks

This week I have been working on implementing support for RepeatedTasks in SBSCL which was added in SED-ML L1V2. Briefly, RepeatedTaks is a looping construct added to SED-ML to run the same tasks multiple times. Before every iteration, there is also an option to reset model parameters or update them similar to a looping construct in any programming language.

I have only partially implemented it. There are two challenges that I need to overcome: a) Handling nested repeatedTask, and b) Merging the output of repeatedTasks.  I will be discussing possible solutions to address these issues with my mentors soon and implementing them.

An extra feature that I worked on adding to SBSCL was support for OneStep and SteadyState simulations. These elements were also added to SED-ML L1V2. Basically, an ODE simulation can be UniformTimeCourse, OneStep or SteadyState. The first type of simulation was already implemented in SBSCL while the other methods need to be incorporated. I have already added OneStep simulation since the idea is simple: only generate one simulation point after given time. The steadyState simulation is something which will be implemented in the upcoming week after discussing the potential solutions with my mentors. In layman’s terms, SteadyState simulation means simulate till a point when population stops changing.

I will keep posting updates as and when I have. Till then, have a good one!


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